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The Canyon Lake Farm Riding Academy is dedicated to introducing people of all ages to Horseback Riding, Horsemanship and Showing in a safe environment; progressing in skill level and achieving personal goals. At CLF we want to give you the whole package; riding lessons, knowledge about horse care and the skills to go as far in your riding career as you can dream. CLF has continuously turned out riders who have become National and Regional Winners.

Learn compassion, respect and patience. These lessons will last you a lifetime! Students are encouraged to participate in all aspects of horse care. Many programs are available throughout the year to help facilitate this goal.

Equitation is the foundation of excellent riding and enables you the solid foundation to help you reach your equestrian goals. The CLF Academy staff will help you achieve your balanced seat so you can effectively and confidently ride your horse. This position will enable you to step into other disciplines such as Saddle Seat, Jumping, Western, Dressage and beyond.


Instructor Tracy Fincher brings years of experience, patience and a love of watching her students achieve their personal goals. Lessons are an hour long, including the time spent tacking and un-tacking the horse with the help of your instructor or older student. Typically, a half- hour to 45 minutes is spent in the saddle. All riders will progress at their own rate with a lot of encouragement and guidance. All riders will start with Private Lessons. As riders progress they may be placed in small group lessons. It is our goal to help each rider progress and learn something new at each lesson. Depending on your goals for the future we can certainly help you achieve them. Lessons are available for riders 3 years old and up.


  • Level 1 – Anyone new to the program. Learn the basics of riding and horsemanship in private lessons.
 Equitation and the Balanced Seat is strongly emphasized.
  • Level 2 – Further advance your skills in controlling the horse, steering, and riding different horses in the program. Riders at his point may have private or group lessons.

  • Level 3 – Begin polishing and refining your skills while being introduced to the show ring at local shows.
  • Level 4 – Learn advanced techniques in collection, horsemanship and equitation. Be introduced to Class A showing-the highest level of the show ring. A lease option or horse ownership may be an option for you if you are interested in pursuing showing full time.


Your private lesson is 1 hour in length. Each lesson starts with grooming and tacking up, your riding time is about 30-45 minutes, then you will un-tack and groom your horse again before putting him away. As you become more advanced you can start to get your horse ready on your own, but riding time is still typically no more than 30-40 minutes – as you and your horse will be working harder.


Once you can successfully maneuver your horse around the arena on your own you can join in a group lesson. These lessons are geared toward Equitation and you will work on pattern work and riding together safely.


Due to the high probability of having a very rainy season this year, Tracy will be offering group Horsemanship lessons to those who still wish to get their horse fix during the wet and muddy days after the rain. These sessions will be held depending on the weather and participation. Tons of things to cover such as tack/equipment care, grooming, clipping, safe horse handling techniques, hand walking the horses, etc. Stay tuned and follow our Facebook page for dates and information regarding this class!


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